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SpaceCom 2024
Doug Chunn

Doug Chunn

Vice President, Commercial Solutions, Slingshot Aerospace
Doug Chunn is the Vice President of Commercial Solutions at Slingshot Aerospace, the innovative technology company improving space safety and optimizing orbital operations. The company is driven by its vision of accelerating space sustainability to create a safer, more connected world. Doug and his team support the private sector and are bringing new commercial products to market that revolutionize space operations. Doug has more than 20 years of sales and marketing leadership experience with companies including Comcast, Turner Broadcasting, Cisco, Citrix, and Box. With a career spanning many industries, including logistics, advertising, and SaaS technology, Doug is fascinated with technological disruption and the powerful transformation of organizations embracing the digital age. Combining his lifelong passion for space with his success in building highly effective teams and selling transformative digital solutions, Doug is excited to be part of the space renaissance by helping operators maximize space safety and success. Doug lives in Jacksonville, FL, with his wife Peyton, children Adelaide, Sadie Mae, and Knight, dog Gracie, and rabbit Buttercup. Outside of raising children and building startups, Doug enjoys running, gardening, and traveling with his family.

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