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Conference Program

SpaceCom 2024

Panel - Rapid Delivery from/through Space

30 Jan 2024
Tangerine Ballroom
Space Mobility

Identifying and overcoming unique logistics collection, loading and delivery challenges involving strategic delivery from through/space. Limiting factors exist including locations of spaceports, storage, securing cargo, delivery via drop/land, airspace and regulatory hurdles, etc. Combatants need to establish a way to identify their cargo delivery is not a nuclear or kinetic strike to avoid escalation in conflict.

Nathan Vosters, Director, Requirements, Resources, & Programs (S8) - U.S. Space Forces Indo Pacific
Justin Fiaschetti, Co-Founder & CEO - Inversion
Gary Henry, Senior Advisor - SpaceX
Christopher Seaman, Chief, Strategy Division - United States Transportation Command, U.S. Air Force
Gregory Spanjers, Chief Scientist - AFRL
Gabe Arrington, Chief, Disruptive Technology - Headquarters U.S. Air Force
Eric Felt, Director, Space Architecture - SAF/SQ

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