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Conference Program

SpaceCom 2024

Panel - On-Orbit Servicing, Mobility, and Logistics (DSO Focus)

30 Jan 2024
Tangerine Ballroom
Space Mobility

Emerging capabilities to perform in-orbit servicing, increasing mobility, and provide logistics are rapidly changing the way we think and interact while operating in the Space Domain. In-orbit satellite interactions are becoming increasingly routine across the spectrum of conflict. What actions (including by the DoD, aerospace industry and commercial investment community) today will increase the commercial space sector’s ability to provide services, increase mobility, and provide logistics to national security space across competition, conflict and crisis? Moderator to define/explain concerns related to Sustained Space Operations. 

Erik Stockham, Director - Space Warfighting Acquisition Delta
Robert Hauge, President - SpaceLogistics, Northrop Grumman
Kelly Hammett, Director - Space RCO
Christopher Ayres, Deputy Commanding General, Operations, Space Operations Command, USSF - HQ SpOC
Clare Martin, Executive Vice President - Astroscale US
Edward Ferguson, Chief, Advanced Warfighter Capabilities and Resources Analysis Division (J81) and Director, USSPACECOM Technical Analysis Group (STAG) - U.S. Space Command

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