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SpaceCom 2024

Securing On-Orbit Space Assets: Commercial Strategies for Dynamic Space Operations

31 Jan 2024
Tangerine Ballroom
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Space Innovations

The sustained maneuver of our national security space assets is a priority to achieve before 2030, with a focus on refueling to meet that end. Until satellites are prepared for on-orbit refueling architecture, transport servicers can provide the foundation for Dynamic Space Operations (DSO) by repositioning satellites with no or limited self-maneuverability, to seize opportunistic, tactical, or strategic advantage, or to react defensively to threats. In addition, transport servicers themselves will be among the first satellites that are refuellable, enabling the refueling market. This pathway allows for continuous maneuver at faster timescales while reducing risk to national security platforms. This session will discuss the strategies and requirements being developed by the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community for DSO for the short- and long-term future of space logistics and explore industry’s role in maintaining stable and resilient orbits through the active utilization of these key technology areas. It will also include discussion on the next steps required for both industry and government stakeholders to achieve this future.

Theresa Hitchens, Reporter, Space and Air Force - Breaking Defense
Michael Killings, Deputy Director, Servicing, Mobility, and Logistics (SML) - USSF
Lexie Weikert, Government Solutions Specialist - Astroscale US
Lauren Smith, Program Manager, In-Space Refueling - Northrop Grumman Tactical Space Systems
Lars Hoffman, Vice President, National Security Sales - Blue Origin
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