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Conference Program

SpaceCom 2024

Panel - Spaceport Resiliency Through Global Partnerships

30 Jan 2024
Tangerine Ballroom
Space Mobility

The DoD has two access points for NSS payloads to reach orbit. Developing a network of national and international space access points would provide added capacity and resiliency, assuming payloads can be efficiently transferred to an alternate site and/or vehicle.  How can the US and allies/partners leverage the use of alternate spaceports to deliver critical payloads to orbit in CDO environments? 

Mark Shoemaker, Commander, SLD 30 and Western Launch and Test Range - Vandenberg Space Force Base
James Palmer, CEO - Space Centre Australia
Brian Rogers, Sr Director, Global Launch Services - Rocket Lab
Roosevelt Mercer, Jr., CEO and Executive Director - Virginia Spaceport Authority
John Steinmeyer, Executive Director, Assured Access to Space - Space Systems Command, USSF
Mark Bontrager, Technical Director - SSC/AATS/S3

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