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SpaceCom 2024

Workforce Development & Maintenance

31 Jan 2024
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Commercial Space Infrastructure

The space industry is growing at a fast pace, but there's a concern about a shortage of skilled workers that could slow things down. Are you facing workforce challenges?

In recent years, the workforce landscape has changed significantly, and like many other industries, the space sector is now struggling with the demand for skilled labor. This has become a major talking point as we try to figure out how to build, attract, and keep our workforce as the space industry expands.

In this session, we'll chat with some industry experts about some workforce issues, why they exist, and share some practical ideas. The goal is to offer insights that can help you manage talent - from creating future talent through school initiatives to recruiting and retaining our star employees - in the changing landscape of the space industry.

Izzy House, Marketing Expert and Space Nerd - Space Marketing
Christian Boberg, Enterprise Architect, Business Development - Dell Technologies
Kim Ellis Hayes, CEO - Hayes Group LLC
Michelle Lucas, Founder & CEO - Higher Orbits
Rena Anderson, Director, STEM and Workforce Development - Griffin Communications Group

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