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SpaceCom 2024

Extending Cloud Into Space to Enable AI that Will Drive Off-Planet Commercialization

31 Jan 2024
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Off-Planet Commercialization

Off-planet commercialization can only realize its tremendous potential with space-based, AI-driven autonomous workloads and operations. And extending terrestrial cloud technology and services into space in order to operate "Inside The Terrestrial Loop" will be necessary to address the latency, security and cost requirements of the space-based end user. Inside The Terrestrial Loop refers to the capability where AI workloads are fully capable of performing their tasks of deriving information from many sources of data without having to rely on terrestrial resources. The goal of this session is to hear from a panel of experts that will deliver the ecosystem that will enable space-based AI, including the providers of cloud services, applications, technology and the end user.

Dennis Gatens, CEO, Founder - LEOcloud, Inc.
Nelli Babayan, Director, Azure Data & AI - Microsoft Federal
Owen Brown, VP of Engineering - Scientific Systems
Lars Cromley, Technology Fellow - Deloitte Space
Neil Mickelson, Principal and Program Manager - Booz Allen Hamilton
Bartley Stewart, Integration Engineer - USSF

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