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SpaceCom 2024

Cyber-Guardians of the Cosmos: Navigating Security Challenges in Space Systems

31 Jan 2024
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Commercial Space Infrastructure

The preeminence of the United States continues to erode as the numbers of nations increase presence in space. Once only the domain of a few advanced nations, space has become the extraterrestrial extension of the global commons. Space assets have moved from the background of society to the forefront with the growth of the commercial sector, the formation of the United States Space Force, and more recently the recommendation to designate space as critical infrastructure. Additionally, the opening of the war in the Ukraine demonstrated the need for protection of space assets, particularly in cybersecurity, with attacks on both ViaSat and Starlink by Russia in their attempt to cripple Ukrainian governmental command, control, and communications. Space asset services weave through the fabric of the global society from providing PNT for GPS services, enabling the atomicity of financial services, and enabling cellular communications, as well as water and electrical distribution and more. Additionally, space assets continue to interweave through National Critical Functions, and National Economic Functions. These two functions of both the public and private sector are so vital to the United States that their disruption, corruption, or dysfunction would debilitate the national and economic security, public health, or safety of the nation. This panel will examine the national and economic aspects of space assets, cybersecurity risks, and mitigations. The panel experts will discuss the intersection of cybersecurity and space systems, and the importance of being vigilant and intentional in the development of space infrastructure such that cybersecurity and protection of vital assets is not a design afterthought. Moderator: Deborah Tomek, Senior Executive for Space Infrastructure and Logistics. Panelists: Michael Klipstein, PhD, Senior Advisor for Public Policy, Baker Donelson. Erin Miller and Sam Visner, Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC).

Deborah Tomek, NASA Senior Executive, Space Infrastructure - NASA
Michael Klipstein, Senior Public Policy Advisor - Baker Donelson
Erin Miller, Executive Director - Space ISAC
Sam Visner, Chair, Board of Directors - Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center

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