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SpaceCom 2024

Propulsion Enabling On-Orbit Servicing

31 Jan 2024
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Space Exploration

Delve into the democratization of space access, focusing on commercialization and operational solutions. Explore a range of innovative solutions, from cubesats to in-orbit servicers, aimed at moving space assets beyond common insertion orbits. We will discuss the current and future dynamics of space operations, highlighting the essential capabilities needed for a sustainable space ecosystem.

Presentation Highlights: 

Challenges in Human Space Flight: Explore obstacles hindering advancements in human space flight and the potential for future exploration.
State-of-the-Art Propulsion Systems: Examine the latest propulsion technologies, from chemical rockets to ion thrusters.
Future Space Propulsion: Investigate upcoming propulsion advancements, including electric propellantless systems and the feasibility of warp drives.
Lunar Ice Propellant Economics: Analyze the economic feasibility of rocket propellant manufactured from lunar ice and its implications for space development.
Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (NTP): Discover the benefits of NTP for large payload maneuvering and the DRACO program's efforts to advance this technology.

Andrew Clark, President and CEO - Space Frontier Operations, Inc
Chris Carella, CCO - Benchmark Space Systems
Philip Metzger, Planetary Scientist - University of Central Florida
Ivaylo Vasilev, CEO - Astrum Drive Technologies
Adam Butt, DRACO Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engine Manager - NASA MSFC
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