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Conference Program

SpaceCom 2024

Enabling Space Sustainability and Global Commerce with Commercial Space Domain Awareness Services

31 Jan 2024
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Off-Planet Commercialization

As space becomes more congested and contested, the global market for space domain awareness (SDA) is experiencing major development activities, but continued growth depends on industry partnerships, collaborations, and joint ventures. Commercially available SDA tools—such as spacecraft health monitoring and diagnostics, non-Earth imaging (NEI) and characterization, and automated alerts for potential threats and debris collisions on orbit—will be increasingly essential to ensure continued space operations for both commercial and military end users. Safety and security are also essential to enable sense- and decision-making for routine to critical missions. This panel will focus on how the commercial SDA and on-orbit servicing market can effectively scale to enable global commerce, critical infrastructure and space sustainability. 

Even Rogers, CEO and Co-Founder - True Anomaly
Daniel Faber, CEO - Orbit Fab
Nate Notargiacomo, Head - HEO USA
Sarah Mineiro, Senior Associate, Aerospace Security Project - Center for Strategic and International Studies
Janice Starzyk, Deputy Director, Office of Space Commerce - NOAA

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