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SpaceCom 2024

Spaceports of the Future: Positioning America’s Space Launch Capability for the Booming Space Economy

31 Jan 2024
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Commercial Space Infrastructure

Demand for access to space is accelerating faster than ever before and putting unprecedented strain on spaceport capacity in the United States and worldwide. This panel discussion focuses on the key challenges at Federal, State, and private Spaceports including infrastructure, technology, workforce, and regulatory challenges constraining US launch capacity and recommendations on to meet the exponential growth and diversification in demand. Discussion topics will include:

  1. Infrastructure development priorities at established and developing US spaceports, including common use infrastructure and multi-use pads, proliferation of standardization facilitated via US national strategy.
  2. New standards and technology to streamline launch cadence and increase throughput (e.g., scheduling and day of launch automation, digital capabilities to advance mission planning, proliferation of Automated Flight Safety System solutions).
  3. Workforce needs to meet growing demand and diversification of services required for commercial launch, space tourism, and other emerging capabilities.
  4. Regulatory challenges to financing needed upgrades and innovative strategies to shift Government launch facilities to a commercial ‘Spaceport of the Future’ model.
Shannon DaSilva, Deputy Director of Operations, Space Systems Command - Space Systems Command
Diane Ashley, Managing Director, US Space Force Leader - Deloitte
Mike Kuchler, Senior Manager, Launch and Range Services Lead - Deloitte
Robert Long, President & Chief Executive Officer - Space Florida
Cherie Matthew, Senior Architect | Project Manager - Jacobs

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