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SpaceCom 2024

Optimizing Spaceport Infrastructure

01 Feb 2024
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Commercial Space Infrastructure

The launch tempo at major U.S. launch sites is stressing existing ground-based infrastructure such as launch pads, processing facilities, instrumentation, storage areas, utilities, and communication networks. The complex interplay of large facility spaces, multi-user operations, industrial clean operating requirements, high security, hazardous operations, and the need for affordability present unique technical challenges. Despite this complexity, more frequent launches will depend on the use of consistently and predictably available shared use infrastructure.

Join us as a panel of spaceport and launch system experts identifies critical elements of spaceport infrastructure and discusses current chokepoints, optimization approaches, and efforts to improve capacity, resiliency, availability, and reliability of shared use infrastructure at U.S. launch bases.

Spaceport users will spotlight infrastructure and services that are working well and what elements need to change. Spaceport operators will respond with relevant plans, challenges, and operational concepts. Open dialogue between spaceport infrastructure users and providers will focus on successes, ideas, and challenges in managing and expanding the capabilities of shared use infrastructure, especially facilities and systems that are mission critical and have limited capacity.  We’ll explore plans to make infrastructure more affordable and effective for users; infrastructure elements in greatest need of improvement for increased launch cadence, and existing infrastructure successes that could be adapted at more spaceports. There will be plenty of time for audience interaction to further explore other ideas and challenges associated with crucial component of the growing space launch industry.

Kevin Brown, SVP, Business Development - All Points
Robert Long, President & Chief Executive Officer - Space Florida
Thomas Engler, Director, Center Planning and Development - NASA KSC
Mark Shoemaker, Commander, SLD 30 and Western Launch and Test Range - Vandenberg Space Force Base
Clint Hunt, Director, Intelligence and Defense Programs - United Launch Alliance

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