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SpaceCom 2024

ISAM Testbed on Commercial LEO Destinations

01 Feb 2024
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Off-Planet Commercialization

In this panel, representatives from Orbital Composites, Stanford University and Axiom Space will discuss the concept of building and operating an external ISAM testbed attached to Commercial LEO Destinations. The purpose of the ISAM testbed would be to provide U.S. government, academia, and commercial entities the ability to experiment, mature, and operationalize ISAM capabilities before launching a point-of-need mission (like GEO servicing). Specifically, the focus would be on in-space and robotically implemented additive manufacturing of advanced materials (polymers, metals, composites, semiconductors, bio-materials). The vacuum environment provided by the external ISAM testbed would provide additional options for R&D, complementing the pressurized environment provided inside the station. The ISAM testbed would also be a stepping stone to developing long-term ISAM capabilities for Space-based cellular broadband and Space-based solar power. The platform will encourage partnership between government, academia and commercial to collectively advance ISAM capabilities for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Amolak Badesha, Co-founder / CEO - Orbital Composites
Cole Nielsen, Founder / CTO - Orbital Composites
Jason Aspiotis, Director - In Space Infrastructure and Logistics - Axiom Space
Jessica Frick, Research Engineer - Stanford Univeristy
Danette Allen, Senior Leader and Systems Capability Leader - NASA LaRC
John Bucknell, Founder/CEO - Virtus Solis Technologies

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