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Conference Program

SpaceCom 2024

Human Lunar Return

01 Feb 2024
SpaceCom | Space Congress: Space Exploration

Hear about national and international initiatives necessary to re-establish human presence and initial utilization on and around the Moon (CAPSTONE, CLPS, Robotics, etc.). Presentations will not only include mission/ops, but also partnerships created to work the initiatives, and the science desired from the mission/ops that determined them.

Steve (Moderator) 
Jackie Quinn (NASA)
Dan Hendrickson (Astrobotic)
Seamus Tuohy (MDA)
Kevin Sato (NASA)
Brad Cheetham (Advanced Space)

Steve Clarke, Director, Future Architectures - Sierra Space
Bradley Cheetham, CEO - Advanced Space
Seamus Tuohy, Senior Director - MDA Systems Inc.
Jackie Quinn, PRIME-1 and VIPER MSOLO Project Manager - NASA's Kennedy Space Center
Dan Hendrickson, Vice President, Business Development - Astrobotic Technology
Kevin Sato, Program Scientist for Exploration, Biological and Physical Sciences Division - NASA SMD

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