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SpaceCom 2024

SpaceCom | Space Congress Opening Keynote Day 1

31 Jan 2024
Tangerine Ballroom
SpaceCom | Space Congress Keynotes

9:00 AM- Opening Ceremony: Ryan Brown, SpaceCom Executive Director; Suzy Cunningham, NASA KSC Strategy & Partnerships Manager

9:15 AM- NASA Keynote: Casey Swails, Deputy Associate Administrator

9:45 AM- Unveiling the Promise and Challenges of the Global Space Ecosystem: Shelli Brunswick

10:15 AM- Commercial Overview: Tory Bruno, ULA

Ryan Brown, Executive Director - SpaceCom | NTP Events
Suzy Cunningham, Strategy & Partnerships Manager - NASA KSC
Tory Bruno, President and CEO - United Launch Alliance
Casey Swails, Deputy Associate Administrator - NASA
Shelli Brunswick, Chief Executive Officer & Founder - SB Global LLC

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