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SpaceCom 2024

SpaceCom | Space Congress Opening Keynote Day 2

01 Feb 2024
Tangerine Ballroom
SpaceCom | Space Congress Keynotes

Day 2 Opening Remarks/Introductions- Suzy Cunningham, SpaceCom | Space Congress Government Chair and NASA KSC Strategy and Partnerships Manager; Ryan Brown, SpaceCom Executive Director

9:05 AM: NASA Center Director Moon to Mars Panel: Roles in Science, Inspiration, National Posture:

Moderator- Leah Martin; Goddard Space Flight Center- Christyl Johnson; Johnson Space Center- Steve Koerner; Kennedy Space Center- Jennifer Kunz; Jet Propulsion Laboratory- Laurie Leshin; Marshall Space Flight Center- Joseph Pelfrey

9:50 AM: Former NASA Astronaut José Hernández (Inspiration for the movie A Million Miles Away)

Suzy Cunningham, Strategy & Partnerships Manager - NASA KSC
Leah Martin, NASA's Office of Communications - NASA KSC
Laurie Leshin, Director - NASA JPL
Joseph Pelfrey, Center Director (Acting) - NASA MSFC
Ryan Brown, Executive Director - SpaceCom | NTP Events
Christyl Johnson, Deputy Director for Technology and Research Investments - NASA GSFC
Stephen Koerner, Deputy Director - NASA JSC
Jose Hernandez, Former NASA Astronaut
Jennifer Kunz, Associate Director, Technical - NASA KSC

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