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Conference Program

SpaceCom 2024

Panel - Leveraging Commercial Support to Military Ops

30 Jan 2024
Tangerine Ballroom
Space Mobility

Purchase of commercial services in support of warfighter efforts presents challenges and risks. If there is no up front funding, will the commercial industry entertain developing services that meet the full spectrum of government needs? Is a pure services contract realistic, or will commercial require minimum annual investment?
What can both the military and commercial space sectors do now to advance mutually beneficial space architectures that support both military and commercial goals and objectives? How should military unique needs, such as for communications security be handled?

Lee Rosen, Co-Founder, President - ThinkOrbital Inc.
Steve Crews, Chief of Operations & Integration - STARCOM
Richard Kniseley, Senior Materiel Leader, Commercial Space Office - USSF Space Systems Command
Jon Slaughter, Director, Government Relations - Sierra Space
Elvert Gardner, Director of Space Strategy, Policy, and Plans - US Space Force

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