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Bradley Cheetham

Bradley Cheetham

CEO, Advanced Space

Bradley Cheetham is a lifelong space advocate, highly experienced engineer, a three-time entrepreneur and, seasoned graduate-level instructor. Best known as the co-founder and CEO of Advanced Space, he leads the company in its efforts to enable the sustainable exploration, development, and settlement of space by delivering solutions in flight dynamics, technology development, and rapid turn-key missions to clients across the space industry. Advanced Space is the owner and operator of the CAPSTONE spacecraft, which successfully arrived at the Moon in 2022 as a pathfinder for NASA's Artemis program. Bradley serves as the Principal Investigator for this mission which represents the first-ever commercial spacecraft to operate at the Moon. ​ ​ Cheetham earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo and received his Masters in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder, there he also conducted significant research on spacecraft navigation at the Moon in support of a Doctorate of Philosophy under the guidance of the late Dr. George Born. He created and taught a graduate level course in Commercial Spaceflight Operations at CU Boulder for seven years. ​ ​ As an advocate for the space industry, he co-founded and currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Future Space Leaders Foundation, is a member of the Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee of the International Astronautical Federation, and serves on the Board of Advisors and the Board of Trustees of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS). ​


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