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Daniel Faber

Daniel Faber

CEO, Orbit Fab

Daniel Faber is the Founder and CEO at Orbit Fab. He has over 20 years of space technology leadership, building and launching a dozen satellites for asteroid searches, environmental monitoring, telecommunications and human habitation. As a serial entrepreneur, his first company developed a unique mining instrumentation technology utilizing gamma ray spectroscopy, following which he worked on nuclear fusion reactors and then Antarctic communications.

Familiar with the economics of deep sea mining, Mr. Faber became CEO of Deep Space Industries where he secured millions in financing from VC and governments and grew sales from zero to nearly $10 million. With DSI he successfully changed global perceptions and regulations around space resources and positioned the company to systematically create and commercialize technology for asteroid mining.

Daniel has an engineering background and MBA's from both UCLA Anderson and National University of Singapore. He now leads Orbit Fab, a two-year-old venture backed start-up in Silicon Valley that has already deployed its first two propellant tanker test-bed in Earth orbit for propellant transfer trials and recently became the first private company to resupply the International Space Station with water.


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