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David Burks

David Burks

Business Development, Deep Space, Boeing

David Burks currently serves as Boeing’s Director of Business Development for Deep Space.  In this role he is responsible for development and expansion of company activities relating to the Space Launch System and deep space missions.  Dave is an Air Force veteran whose career in aerospace has encompassed a broad spectrum of projects from DoD shuttle missions and launch vehicle guidance systems to space physics at NASA Headquarters and national security satellite systems design and development.  In his tenure at Boeing he has served as one of Boeing Satellite Systems’ chief engineers and as a department manager with responsibility for integration and launch of Boeing satellite systems worldwide.  Over his career he has led systems engineering efforts spanning a number of satellite and launch vehicle platforms, and has led deployed teams performing satellite processing and launch site operations at Xichang, Kourou, Baikonur, Vandenberg, Cape Canaveral, and Kennedy Space Center.  Dave holds a B.E. in electrical engineering from Vanderbilt University and an M.S. in systems management from the University of Southern California. 


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