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Devin Dickens

Devin Dickens

Technical Solutions Architect, RG Next

Devin Dickens has spent the last 20 years in the aerospace industry, and currently works for RGNext as a Solutions Architect supporting the US Space Force on both the Eastern and Western Ranges.  Devin formerly served as the lead engineer and project manager for the FAA’s Space Data Integrator (SDI) and the Kennedy Telemetry Processing System in support of Artemis 1, and has supported AFSS development for the previous 10 years.

Devin was previously a member of the Eastern Range Launch Team at Cape Canaveral, launching NASA’s Space Shuttles as well as Atlas, Delta, and SpaceX rockets.  

He is a former member of the Range Commander’s Council, developing Telemetry Standards.  Devin also spent time at Axient, Millennium Engineering and Integration, and Rockwell Collins.  

Devin formerly attended Florida State University, and holds degrees from the University of Central Florida and Webster University.


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