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Fernando De La Peña Llaca

Fernando De La Peña Llaca

President & CEO, Aexa Aerospace

Dr. Fernando De La Peña, the esteemed President and CEO of Aexa Aerospace, brings over three decades of distinguished leadership to the forefront of technology and engineering. His pioneering holographic teleportation technology, a first for humanity in space, has garnered him the NASA JSC Director’s Innovation Award. Celebrated as the Small Business Champion of the Year by the Small Business Administration, Dr. De La Peña’s visionary contributions are also recognized with the YouTube Creator Award for his channel “HoloConnect”. Aexa Aerospace, under his guidance, delivers strategic solutions to NASA and the Department of Defense, notably serving the Air Force Global Strike Command. Additionally, Dr. De La Peña holds the pivotal role of Chief of the InfraGard Defense Industrial Base, further cementing his legacy as a luminary in the field.


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