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Salwan Hanoudi

Salwan Hanoudi

Regional Medical Director, Medical Services North America, International SOS

Dr. Salwan Hanoudi holds an MBChB in Medicine, as well as specialist medical certifications in Pre-Hospital Emergency Response, Management of Critical ill Patients, Dive Medicine and Medical Leadership from several institutions including The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, The Royal College of Physicians of Edenborough, Singapore Management University and graduated with a master degree in public health from the University of Texas.

Prior to joining International SOS, Dr. Hanoudi practiced clinical medicine in both public and private health institutions as an emergency physician and in surgery in various countries. 

Dr. Hanoudi joined International SOS in 2010 as medical director of medical services. He specializes in Corporate and Industrial, Oil and Gas, Offshore Health, and Pre Hospital Emergency Medicine and Operations. He assists International SOS’s clients with managing the wellbeing of their employees,  health risk assessment and management .

He is also certified by IOSH Organization to provide a full training program on Duty of Care specific to the Mobile Worker including Health Risk Assessment and Incident Management and planning.


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