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Gabe Arrington

Gabe Arrington

Chief, Disruptive Technology, Headquarters U.S. Air Force

Colonel Gabe S. Arrington is the Chief, Disruptive Technology Division, Headquarters Air Force, the Pentagon,  Washington, D.C.  Colonel Arrington graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with Military Distinction in 2003.  As a commander and strategist, the Colonel was recognized by the Secretary of the Air Force for creating and leading the Air Force’s ‘Pilot Training Next’ program, positioning the Air Force for $320M in fiscal year savings annually.  Additionally, Colonel Arrington has been awarded a secondary Air Force Specialty Code in Space Operations after completing the USAF Space Officer Course with the intent of developing all-domain leaders for the Joint Force.  He is a senior pilot, having logged over 2,450 hours and 273 combat missions in both airlift and tanker aircraft.  He has commanded at the squadron level and served in multiple positions at the Joint Staff, MAJCOM, AOC, wing, group, and squadron levels.  Prior to his current assignment, he was a National Defense Fellow at the Center for a New American Security.


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