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Izzy House

Izzy House

Marketing Expert and Space Nerd, Space Marketing

About Izzy House:

As an author of the Marketing Space book series and a podcast host, Izzy House aims to be a guiding voice for businesses in the concepts of marketing within the space industry. With an extensive marketing background and three marketing degrees, she looks at the space industry through the lens of marketing. Armed with 20+ years of experience in public affairs, outreach, and marketing, Izzy aims to empower space companies and help them reach for the stars.

“For me, marketing is about making a positive impact on the world with positive messages. It is about helping businesses grow and be integral parts of their communities. Many of the 600+ businesses I have assisted were small businesses that provided jobs and support for their corner of the globe. I make a difference by helping them to make a difference. I do this through marketing.”

Author of Space Marketing Book Series: Space Marketing: Competing in the new commercial space industry and Space Marketing: Spaceports - Communicating with stakeholders, communities, and key leaders

Podcast Host: Space Marketing Podcast ( Host and organizer: Space for Kentucky Roundtable ( Izzy’s website:


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