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Jackie Quinn

Jackie Quinn

PRIME-1 and VIPER MSOLO Project Manager, NASA's Kennedy Space Center

 For over 30 years, Jackie Quinn has worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center.  She was involved with groundwater cleanup at the space center for more than a decade before returning to the laboratory for environmental and lunar focused research and development initiatives.  Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s in civil engineering (1989, Georgia Institute of Technology), a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering (1994,

University of Central Florida), and a Doctorate in Environmental Engineering (1999, University of Central Florida).  Dr. Quinn has published in peer-review journals and presented at numerous technical conferences. She is an inductee in the Space Technology Hall of Fame and is the recipient of both NASA’s Government and Commercial Invention of the Year Awards.  Dr. Quinn inducted in 2016 into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame and in 2018 into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for her technology contributions to the environmental cleanup field.  With 12-issued US Patents, Dr. Quinn is a member of the Florida Academy of Science Engineering and Medicine.  

Dr. Quinn is currently managing the development and delivery of four lunar-bound mass spectrometers. Known as MSolo units, these modified for space flight, commercial off the shelf units are currently manifested on the VIPER and PRIME-1 lunar missions.  Both PRIME-1 and VIPER are anticipating a 2024 landing.  Two more MSolo payloads are awaiting manifest on a future Commercial Lunar Payload Services mission.


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