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James Palmer

James Palmer

CEO, Space Centre Australia

With over 20 years of success in engineering, ICT, and aerospace, I am a passionate and visionary leader who strives to make space accessible for everyone. As the CEO of Space Centre Australia, I oversee Australia's first large-scale multi-use spaceport, designed to be a collaboration space for the advancement of the Australian and international space industry sector.

I have a proven track record of managing engineering departments, divisions, and operations, as well as shaping strategic engineering direction for high-performance ICT infrastructures and applications. I excel at team building, relationship management, communication, contracts, suppliers, technology vision, policy, statutory and regulatory requirements, risk management, resourcing, and delivering the best commercial results. I am also a Chartered Engineering Executive, a Companion of Engineers Australia, and a freelance consultant for various space-related projects. I am committed to fostering innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the space industry and beyond.


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