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Johannes Torpe

Johannes Torpe

Danish Designer, Architect and Musician, Johannes Torpe Studios

Johannes Torpe, an unconventional creative in every imaginable way, departed school at the age of 12 to pursue a deep-seated interest in music. Fueled by a passion for the impact of lighting on musical performances, Torpe ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a lighting design company at the age of 15.

As an autodidact, Johannes has built a dozen companies in his career across technology, construction, hospitality, music, design, and architecture industries. Johannes's playful and unique perspective has made him a pioneer in the world of luxury lifestyle, design, and branding experiences.

Over two decades, Torpe has been a guiding force for clients globally, offering innovative and holistic solutions in concept, interior, industrial design, and architecture. His legacy includes being the inaugural Chief Creative Officer at Bang & Olufsen, a renowned consumer electronics brand.

Recent highlights feature designing the 3 billion-dollar IC5 trains for the Danish Railroad Corporation, shaping The Space Foundation's new Colorado headquarters, and redefining the Raffles Hotel experience for the French hospitality group, Accor.

As a multi-award-winning creative, music constitutes another facet of an impressive career, with over 500 songs written and produced to date.  The platinum-selling "Enur Calabria 2008" left a lasting mark in the music world, bridging House music and Reggaeton. His love for electronica and techno shines through his participation in duos "Ink & Needle" and "Artificial Funk," showcasing his navigation of multiple music careers.

Having worked globally, Johannes Torpe's career resonates universally. His extensive experience reflects a fearless approach to the business of creativity. To Johannes, creativity is neither confined to disciplines nor industries. He simply calls himself a creator, dedicated to telling compelling and authentic stories through creativity, music, architecture, and design. 








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