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SpaceCom 2024
Lee Rosen

Lee Rosen

Co-Founder, President, ThinkOrbital Inc.
Colonel (Ret.) Lee Rosen served over 23 years with the US Air Force where he was a commander, space operator and DoD certified acquisition officer, including tours at the Pentagon, National Reconnaissance Office and Air Force Space Command. As a former SpaceX VP of Mission and Launch Ops, and Customer Operations & Integration with more than 200 space launch missions completed successfully, Lee brings extensive experience with operations, engineering, program management and government relations. During his 10+ years at SpaceX, he led the build of 3 Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch pads, was responsible for operations & mission management of all military, civil and commercial missions, and the team that flew cargo & crew Dragon spacecraft, as well as Astronaut training. In 2022 he co-founded ThinkOrbital where he serves as President & Chief Strategy Officer building large, scalable, affordable, autonomously assembled infrastructure in space to ignite the new space economy. Lee’s been married for 30+ years, has 2 lovely daughters, and is an avid runner, cyclist, surfer, outdoorsman and brewer.

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