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Mark Bontrager

Mark Bontrager

Technical Director, SSC/AATS/S3

Mr. Mark D. Bontrager is the Technical Director, Launch and Range Operations, Space Systems Command, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida.

Space Systems Command Launch and Range Operations provides policy, guidance, and resources for all US Space Force launch and range operations including integration of operational priorities, system readiness, manifesting, and mission partner support across the Department of Defense and the interagency.

Mr. Bontrager serves as the senior civilian advisor to the Director, Launch and Range Operations on matters relating to legislative authorities, policy, launch and range operations, resources, and

Mr. Bontrager entered the Air Force in 1987, where he served in a broad range of operational, joint staff, policy, and command positions, including launch operations with the Delta II launch
vehicle and command of the 45th Mission Support Group, which provided critical support to military, civil, and commercial space launch missions. He served as Vice President for Spaceport Operations with Space Florida and led the development of Florida’s first Spaceport System Plan, which resulted in over $1.5B of state and industry investment in Florida’s spaceports at Cecil Spaceport in Jacksonville and the Cape Canaveral Spaceport on the Space
Coast. Mr. Bontrager returned to federal service in January 2022.


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