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Philip Metzger

Philip Metzger

Planetary Scientist, University of Central Florida

Dr. Philip Metzger is a planetary scientist with the Florida Space Institute at the University of Central Florida researching asteroid, lunar and Martian regolith and exploration technology. His recent work includes development small spacecraft technology to mine water and immediately use it for steam propulsion, and invention of a novel method to extract ice from lunar soil. In 2014 he retired from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center where he co- founded the KSC Swamp Works. His research into lunar lander blast effects led to NASA’s effort to protect the historic lunar sites, including the Apollo landing sites. He co-founded NASA’s biannual Workshop on Granular Materials in Lunar and Martian Exploration and was selected as Kennedy Space Center’s Scientist/Engineer of the Year for 2011. He received the astronaut’s Silver Snoopy award in 2011 and the ASCE Aerospace Outstanding Technical Contribution Award in 2016. He became a NASA NIAC fellow in 2020.


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