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Rebecca Reesman

Rebecca Reesman

Space Policy Advisor, OSD Space Policy

Dr. Rebecca Reesman is a space policy advisor in the office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy. She has worked there since 2022, covering space debris, space mobility & logistics, and commercial issues. 

Previously, Dr. Reesman was at the Aerospace Corporation providing on-site technical support to Pentagon customers including the newly formed U.S. Space Force. In addition to her technical role, Dr. Reesman contributed to Aerospace’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy. Through the Policy Center, she was the lead-author on their most downloaded report, Physics of War in Space: How Orbital Dynamics Constrain Space-to-Space Engagements.  

Before joining Aerospace, Dr. Reesman was an American Institute of Physics Congressional Fellow working space, cybersecurity, and other technical issues for a member of Congress. Prior to the fellowship, she was a research scientist at the Center for Naval Analysis. There she designed, executed, and analyzed wargames on a wide range of national security topics. 

Dr. Reesman holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and statistics from Carnegie Mellon University and a Ph.D. in physics from the Ohio State University.

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