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Robert Hauge

Robert Hauge

President, SpaceLogistics, Northrop Grumman

Robert Hauge is president of SpaceLogistics, a Northrop Grumman company. In this role, Hauge leads the development of current and next-generation in-space satellite servicing products for government and commercial customers.

Prior to this appointment, Hauge served as strategy director for Space Mobility and Logistics for Northrop Grumman Space Systems.
Before joining Northrop Grumman, Hauge served for nearly 30 years in various roles across the department of defense and intelligence community including as a senior intelligence service officer, ground station commander, program manager with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and as an Air Force officer.

Hauge was awarded the national intelligence distinguished service medal from the United States Intelligence Community, exceptional public service medal from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and gold, silver and bronze medals from the National Reconnaissance Office. Hauge is also a graduate of the Walt Disney World College Program where he worked as a custodial host in the Magic Kingdom.
Hauge holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.

SpaceLogistics, a Northrop Grumman company, is the global leader in the development and deployment of in-space satellite servicing systems and the first and only company performing in-space servicing for commercial satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Our planned series of vehicles will extend service life, provide enhanced capabilities and enable future missions for a variety of customers.


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