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SpaceCom 2024
Sam Visner

Sam Visner

Chair, Board of Directors, Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center

I am a cybersecurity and national security executive with a strong background in information technology, general management, and public affairs. I serve currently as a Aerospace Corporation Tech Fellow and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center ( and served previously at MITRE as as Tech Fellow and as the Director of the National Cybersecurity Federally Funded Research and Development Center, sponsored by the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at the National Institute of States and Technology. I served previously at ICF as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cybersecurity, and served previously as Vice President and General Manager, CSC Global Cybersecurity. I also served at the National Security Agency (Chief of Signals Intelligence Programs), and I teach a course on cybersecurity as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University (in the School of Foreign Service’s Science and Technology in International Affairs program). A long-time resident of Washington, DC, I am married to DC’s leading urban beekeeper. On weekends, look for me in a restored, 1970 Mini Cooper S.


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