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Tim Wilfong

Tim Wilfong

Wind Profiler Product Manager, Radiometrics

Certified Consulting Meteorologist

 I’ve had a great career; and, a lot fun perusing my passion – weather decision support systems.  In 2008, I earned my consulting certification from the American Meteorological Society. I now own my own consulting service, specializing in customized, high impact decision support systems for space launch and avaition operations.  I am also an employee of Radiometrics, Inc. where I manage the Radiometrics Raptor Wind Profiler line and support the design and deployment of decision support systems. From 1969 to 1989, I served with the Air Force Air Weather Service; where my assignments included providing support to tactical air operations, performing aerial reconnaissance, supporting NATO international operations, implementing global models for central forecasting support, and developing systems for and supporting space and ballistic launch operations.  During my last assignment at Patrick AFB, FL, while suppporting space launch operations,  I became interested in the use of Doppler Radar wind profiling technology to support demanding launch operations.  At the completion of 20 years of Air Force service in 1989, I was invited by NASA to oversee the evaluation of the then new 50 MHz super profiler at Kennedy Space Center (KSC).  The results of that evaluation not only showed the technology was capable of supporting launch operations;  but also, resulted in the implementation of superior signal processing of my design that was just re-implemented with the new system deployed by NASA in 2014 at KSC. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate the design and implementation of the current decision support systems used on the Eastern and Western Space Launch Ranges, as well as the Next Generation National Profiling Network for the National Weather Service.  Other activities?? I love being outdoors in all kinds of weather – hiking and cycling are also my passions.  


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