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Todd Shull

Todd Shull

Executive Director for Operations and Integration, Axient, LLC

Mr. Shull is currently the Executive Director for Operations and Integration within the Launch and Integration Services Business Unit at Axient. In addition to oversight of several NASA and USSF contracts, Mr. Shull oversees the Axient Product Development Center (PDC) in Melbourne, Florida. This organization has an established history of developing a series of Flight Safety Risk Analysis tools that are used by a variety of Government and commercial customers. Mr. Shull and the PDC were recently key contributors to system level, hardware/software-in-the-loop test activities associated with efforts to certify the NASA Autonomous Flight Termination Unit (NAFTU) wrapper software for operational use. He previously led the Launch and Test Range System Modernization Eastern Range Network (LTRS MEN) Test Team where he was responsible for development and execution of system test and evaluation strategy and plans. Mr. Shull is an Air Force veteran with extensive space and missile operations, headquarters staff, and command experience. Highlights of his Air Force career include duty as a Minuteman III Launch Officer and Instructor, management of testing of the Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment (ITW/AA) System at Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, management of the Western Range Y2K Operations Evaluation, and certification as an Atlas 2AS Air Force Launch Controller. He culminated his Air Force career as the Commander, Detachment 3, 17th Test Squadron, where he oversaw eight force development evaluations of new or modified systems for the Eastern and Western Ranges.


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