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Tyrone Conner

Tyrone Conner

Space and Maritime Safety Program Manager, United States Coast Guard

Tyrone joined the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters’ Office of Waterways and Ocean Policy as the Space and Maritime Safety Program Manager in June 2023. He is responsible for developing national safety standards with Commercial and Government space program with respects to the Maritime Transportation System (MTS), assist in developing risk mitigation strategy during space launch and reentry events over federal navigable waters, and develop modernization strategy with navigation safety. Prior experience includes Deputy Chief of Waterways Management at Coast Guard District Eleven after tansitioning from active duty service with 23 years in the Coast Guard as a Helicopter Flight Mechanic, Senior Marine Inspector, Search and Rescue Controller, and Waterways Management Specialist. Mr. Conner earned a Master of Science in Quality System Management with a Greenbelt in Six Sigma from the National Graduate School and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northwood University.


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