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Press & Media Policy

SpaceCom 2024

Commercial Space Week Press Policy

This policy aims to facilitate effective and respectful interactions between media representatives, exhibitors, and attendees at all Commercial Space Week events including GSA Spaceport Summit, the Space Mobility Conference and SpaceCom | Space Congress.

1. Media Accreditation

  • Pre-Registration: Media representatives are encouraged to pre-register online to receive media credentials. Valid credentials (press cards, business cards, letter from the editor, etc.) must be provided. SpaceCom, as the organizer of all Commercial Space Week events, requires proof of media affiliation.
  • On-Site Registration: Limited on-site registration may be available, subject to the presentation of proper credentials and space availability.

2. Media Conduct and Access

  • Conduct: Media representatives must conduct themselves professionally at all times. Harassment, interference with business activities, or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Fundraising efforts or any activitiy seeking funding are strictly prohibited.
  • Exhibit Floor Access: Media is allowed on the exhibit floor during regular show hours. Early access or late stays must be pre-approved by the show management.
  • Private Exhibitor Areas: Access to private exhibitor booths or areas is granted only with explicit permission from the exhibitors. Proof of permission is required upon request. 

3. Photography and Recording

  • General Policy: Non-flash photography and video recording are allowed only if explicit permission is given by an exhibitor or speaker. Press must not disrupt the flow of traffic on the show floor, conference sessions or business activities. Content captured must be used only for reporting purposes and not for personal use. Explicit permission from exhibitors and speakers is required prior to capturing any footage or photos.
  • Restricted Areas: Some areas or exhibits may prohibit photography/recording. These areas will be clearly marked.
  • Recordings, video and photography are strictly prohibited at the Space Mobility Conference and associated press conferences/meetings.
  • Consent: When photographing or recording individuals, media representatives must obtain documented consent.

4. Press Room and Facilities

  • Access: A press room will be available for media representatives to use as a workspace. It will be equipped with basic office supplies, and light refreshments.
  • Press Conferences: Schedules for press conferences or media briefings will be available in the press room.

5. Interview Requests

  • Scheduling Interviews: Media representatives are encouraged to pre-schedule interviews with exhibitors or speakers.

6. Embargoes and Confidentiality

  • Respect Embargoes: Media representatives must respect any embargoes stated by exhibitors or speakers regarding the release of information.
  • Confidentiality: Any disclosed confidential information must not be reported without explicit permission.

7. Violation of Policy

  • Consequences: Violation of any part of this media policy may result in the revocation of media credentials and immediate expulsion from the event. Violations may result in denied access to any future Commercial Space Week events. SpaceCom, as the organizer of all Commercial Space Week events, retains the right to enforce this policy at its discretion. 

8. Contact Information

  • For any media-related inquiries or assistance, please contact Lisa Staszewski, VP of Marketing and Media Relations.

SpaceCom reserves the right to use any photos/footage from media for promotional purposes. 

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